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The BookViral Review

A superb sequel with broad genre appeal, The Well House II: The Revenge, proves a genuine chiller and is highly recommended. Powerful, chilling, and made to read with all the lights on, fans of M. S. Matassa's THE WELL HOUSE will certainly welcome its sequel. An ode to the nature of good and evil, the time honoured frights are clearly evident, but there's something elemental about Matassa's writing that proves wholly riveting. We feel shock, horror, and fear as the nightmare begins all over again, but more unsettling is Matassa's narrative presentation of human existence as an endless series of tragedies, agonies and deceptions. Ben saved Anne in the Well House, their future looked hopeful and yet evil is unforgiving in its pursuit. With a tough, smart and cleverly conceived plot, this is paranormal fiction at its best. The usual genre tropes are in play with Matassa's bold imagination adding unique twists, but the real power in The Well House II: The Revenge comes less from its inclusion of the supernatural than its exploration of emotions that simmer throughout its pages. They take us to the spine chilling brink with the promise of a cracking denouement and readers can be confident that Matassa confidently delivers on it.

Readers Favorite Review by Sarah Stuart

The Well House II: The Revenge by M S Matassa is, as the title suggests, a sequel: it can be read as a standalone very easily due to the short synopsis at the start. It comprises a summing-up of Book 1, which ends, intriguingly, "but that was about to change": a reference to the Ben Carson's present peaceful life, and the entrance of a frightened living object, the Orb, signals trouble ahead. The battle between good and evil, where even Lucifer's grip on one of his key followers is loosened by the power of love, is intense, and fast-paced. The Carson's extended family are endearingly normal whilst the opposition, not all with a common purpose other than the triumph of evil, is uncompromisingly malevolent. Can Ben win against the menacing force of retribution or must he pay the ultimate price? M S Matassa has created a fantasy flawlessly in The Well House II: The Revenge; the reader is instantly immersed. Ben and Anne's family life is so ordinary. Anne reassures Ben that his terrifying experiences are dreams, and takes him on vacation. An encounter with a raven, another "form" of evil, causes them to return home, where teenager Molly has fallen in love with Liam. The dog, Sherman, as well-drawn as the rest of the characters, senses that Liam isn't "right". Where does Thelma, mother of the keeper of the Orb, fit in? "Evil walked the earth, and it was close." The threads of good and evil are intricately entwined in The Well House II: The Revenge, weaving a tapestry that creates an incredibly dramatic fantasy.