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Book Characters

From the Book The Well House


The Well House


BEN CARSON is a 40 year old writer who is the protagonist in “The Well House”. He is married to Anne Carson and has one child, Taylor Carson. Ben is the fourth child of Roscoe and Ruth Carson, of the famous Carson Oil family of Houston Texas. Ben left Carson Oil after his grandfather died, leaving him a fortune and headed west to Colorado to start a new life. He and Anne bought a home in the mountains above Boulder in 1997. In July of 1998, Ben woke to find Anne lying next to him in a coma. Ben started to have terrible dreams about a little white well house with a red roof and flying, black, scaly creatures. Ben eventually meets a mysterious woman, Thelma Grippe, who gives him information on how to save Anne. Ben goes on an amazing journey which starts when he enters the well house and ends in another dimension called the dark zone. Read “The Well House” to find out what happens.


ANNE CARSON is a 38 year old psychologist married to Ben Carson. She has one son, Taylor Carson and is pregnant again after seventeen years. Anne is a practicing psychologist who specializes in helping people overcome their fears through dream evaluation therapy. After she comes to Colorado, Anne opens her own practice and develops a new technique called dream control therapy to treat her patient’s fears. When three of her patients go into comas in a short period of time, Anne tries to save them but ends up in a coma herself. Her soul is splintered and part of her soul is held captive in the dark zone by the ultimate evil. Read “The Well House” to follow Ben’s journey to save Anne and the unborn baby.


TAYLOR CARSON is the 17 year old son of Ben and Anne Carson. Taylor is an excellent soccer player, having made the high school varsity team in Texas as a freshman. Ten years of Texas club soccer made him better than most Colorado soccer players. He was an immediate starter for his high school team last year as a transfer student, making all conference and first team all-state. In two months, Taylor’s senior season would soon be in full swing, yet it is now so unimportant to him. Taylor talks of quitting soccer if his mother does not recover soon. Taylor is attacked by the winged scaly creatures depicted on the front of the book cover in a terrifying encounter. Taylor stays with his mother for support in the hospital while Ben searches the other dimension in hopes of saving Anne.


SHERMAN is a 3 year old golden retriever with a luxurious golden coat, tinged with a reddish hue, who had been given to Taylor as a birthday gift by one of Anne’s friends in Texas. Sherman is Taylor’s dog, but is Ben’s best friend. Sherman accompanies Ben on his journey to save Anne and plays a critical part in Ben’s quest.


THELMA GRIPPE is a mysterious woman who contacts Ben and gives him information on how to save his wife, Anne. Thelma is a woman with a pudgy face, lined with wrinkles, her hair dyed red and cut short. She wears garish red lipstick and large copper-colored hoop earrings that dangle two inches below her ears. She dresses in a tan polyester pantsuit that looks at least one size too small. A red scarf circles her neck. A small brown cigarette always hangs from the corner of her mouth. She lives in Boulder Colorado on Mapleton Ave and loves to eat chocolate donuts and drink whiskey—at the same time. But without Thelma, Ben can not save Anne. (Thelma’s last name is pronounced GRIP.)


PENELOPE GRIPPE is Thelma Grippe’s daughter , a beautiful raven-haired young woman of about twenty, who wears a loose white gown. She is Thelma’s assistant in matters of the mind.  Her eyesight and physical sensitivities are much keener than Thelma’s. She wears dizzying perfume and chants in a strange language while she prepares Ben and Sherman’s meal. She is just as beautiful as Thelma is strange. She is a no nonsense woman who can put Ben in his place by a look from her fiery eyes. She and Thelma are quite the team.


CLAUDE MORAN is an elderly black man who works at a gas station on Colorado Highway 85 in Adams county. All of his life Claude had hoped to do something important, but until now he was only another poor soul going through this life, just surviving. Claude was in the army in World War II, but all he had to show for his service was a metal plate in his head and a Purple Heart he sold one Christmas to buy a few gifts for his family. When Claude looked back on his life, he felt a real lack of worth.  But all that changed when the dreams came. Every night was a different dream, but they all had one thing in common: the little white well house just up the road. Claude plays a crucial part in Ben’s journey to save Anne and faces incredible danger in the process.


ANTHONY GARBACCIO is the third son of Salvatore and Gina Garbaccio, born in Philadelphia in 1946. By the time he was fourteen years old, Tony left home and lived in the streets of Philadelphia. He met Fabian Forte and hoped to become a rock-and-roll star like him but he never got a chance in the recording business. Tony was a natural leader and decided his future was in crime. At the age of seventeen he became the head of a gang called “Sons of the Olive.” Tony was known as “Little Italy” among his compatriots. Tony’s future looked bright, but he had one huge problem. He was dumb as a rock and had no common sense at all. Tony made his first and last mistake when he decided to expand his empire by selling drugs in the mob’s territory. Within a week, seven of Tony’s gang members were dead and Tony was on the run. He ended up in Adams county Colorado and bought a small truck farm where he sold vegetables and raised his family.  And by the way he is the owner of the little white well house with the red roof. Tony causes some real problems for Ben.